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As principal, I support the mission of the school: ˜Mt. Calvary Lutheran School is dedicated to teaching God's children through His Word to be Christ-like witnesses and productive members of society'.

I believe that Christian education promotes the welfare of the whole person in that it prepares for every area of human life while keeping Christ in the center of that life, and it provides, through the influence of Christian teachers, the opportunity for a proper relationship to God and fosters a proper relationship to one's fellow man.

Christian education offers a proper perspective in a troubled world by providing contact with the motivating power of the Gospel - the good news of Jesus Christ, education for God-fearing, active Christian citizens to witness to all of society, and Christ-like examples for children to follow as they come in contact with those around them in everyday life.

Christian schools are unique in that, while they conform to the traditions of American democracy, it is the only formal educational agency that gives Christ the central place in the daily training of the child.

We believe that the Christian elementary school is effective in providing a quality program of education because it is blessed by God, is served by dedicated teachers, and receives the cooperation of Christian parents.

We therefore believe that the Christian elementary school will reinforce and coordinate the various efforts of the church, home, and community in providing the individual child with the influences and opportunities that will adequately equip him/her to meet his/her spiritual and secular needs.

We are blessed to be a blessing to our students and their families.

2019-2020 Principal Introduction Letter HERE

Worship 9:00 AM
Sunday Bible Class 10:15 AM
Sunday School 10:15 AM
2nd Thursday
Elders' Meeting 6:45 PM
4th Tuesday
Mission & Ministry Council Meets 6:30 PM