Celebration of Christian Marriage

Celebration of Christian Marriage

On February 15, 2015 Mount Calvary recognized 21 couples from our congregation who were married at least 20 years. These couples represented over 900 years of marriage. In addition to recognizing these couples, we asked them to share some of the wisdom they had gained regarding marriage. There responses are below:

- Treat each other with love, respect and kindness.  Be willing to compromise.

- Find someone with similar upbringings and shared values and morals.  Be on the same page!  Keep each other happy.  Keep the love alive! 

- Keep Christ at the center, laugh often, be quick to forgive, continue to date each other.

- Forgive one another as God forgives us.

- Don't give up.  Have a good sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself.  Keep God as your center.

- Patience.

- Live and grow in Christ and forgive one another as He has forgiven us.

- Make God the center of your life.  Learn to forgive each other.

- Read your Bible “ pray for each other.  Listen, communicate, treat each other like you treat other people you care about.

- Having God in your life.  Agree to disagree, much love for one another doesn't hurt. 

- A good listener.

- Patient, loving, understanding, kind, faithful, be a best   friend, helpful when you can pray to the same Lord Jesus Christ. 

- A mutual deep and unwavering trust in our Lord and Savior who has been by our side and blessed us in so many ways all these years.  Always ready to help each other if needed.  A respect for each other and a sense of humor!

- Lots of prayer, patience, love and many hugs.

- Commitment, love, loyalty, worship together, caring for one another, honesty, work together, family - our own and extended. 

- Remember that Christ's forgiveness covers both of us; don't hold grudges.

- Love our Triune God and follow Jesus Christ.  Love and honor your spouse. 

- Patience, understanding, trust and above all love one another.  Prayer, forgiveness, kindness and respect for each other.  A little fun and humor too!

- Regard your relationship with your spouse as your primary vocation.  Have a sense of humor.  Listen, think and speak (in that order).  During a discussion, debate or argument, remember that it is more important to be gracious than right.  Forgive, forgive, forgive. 

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