Mount Calvary World Mission Society

Twenty-five years ago, in 1989, Norman Adams and Victor Maschoff met with Pastor Martinho Sander to form the Mt. Calvary World Mission Society.  47 families pledged $10 per month to help bring the Good News to lost souls in foreign countries. 

On February 17, 1989, Pastor Sander, Pastor Neitzel, Vic Maschoff, Norm Adams and Nancy Keck met to select a mission project from a list provided by the Synod’s Board of Missions.  They prayed for guidance and unanimously chose Rev. Rodney Ketcher, an evangelistic missionary to Taiwan to be their OWN missionary.  Since then, the Mt. Calvary World Mission Society has given a total of $157,840 to countless missions, not only foreign, but also within the borders of the U.S. and locally.

It was understood that by contributing to the World Mission Society, that weekly contributions for the ongoing work at Mt. Calvary not be reduced or even maintained at present levels.  Participation in the Mission Society was always over and above regular contributions.

We currently have about 45 families or households contributing to the Mission Society; however, member deaths, as well as members leaving Mt. Calvary result in a reduction to the World Mission Society’s membership.  To continue this mission long into the future, new members are welcomed to join in this important work in Christ’s Kingdom.


To God Alone Be the Glory

Worship 9:00 AM
Sunday Bible Class 10:15 AM
Sunday School 10:15 AM
2nd Thursday
Elders' Meeting 6:45 PM
4th Tuesday
Mission & Ministry Council Meets 6:30 PM