Wednesday, 2 September 2015
The Best Job in the World

A couple of weeks ago I had a reminder of why I love being a Pastor at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. It was a really, really good day; it was a one-of-a-kind day. If anyone who reads this has ever had a day like this, please respond because I think more people need to hear about why being a Pastor is the best job in the world.

We had a "normal" Sunday morning: a worship service with Holy Communion and I taught Bible Class. That was pretty good, but my day got better. After church I visited a couple that had their first child. They were kind enough to let me hold their precious little girl who was just one day old. That is pretty special and I am constantly amazed at how people will welcome me as a part of their family at these milestone moments.

After I left the hospital, I went to a skilled care facility where one of our members was celebrating her 100th birthday. This dear saint of God, the widow of a previous Pastor at this congregation, was able to play the piano for her birthday party. We sang Happy Birthday, Back Home in Indiana, and Abide with Me with a 100 year-old accompanist. The juxtaposition of these two events on the same day made me feel specially blessed.

I don't read all the BLOGS and articles that circulate through my email box, but I see an awful lot of them that discuss Pastor burnout and discouragement in ministry. I have been through burnout and I have been discouraged, but I still feel very blessed to have the privilege to do what I do.

It would also be dishonest to say that Pastoral ministry is easy. Many things are not very complex, but that doesn't make them easy. I can't touch the pain of another without feeling some level of my own pain.

I don't share this great day with any sense of triumph or superiority. In fact, these events humble me because they remind me of the great privilege I have to be called as the Pastor in this place. I am also reminded that this isn't about me, but about God in Christ Jesus who is at work in this congregation and community. I pray that what I do will point to Christ and glorify God's name.

In Christ,

Pastor Dan Czaplewski

Posted on 09/02/2015 11:22 AM by Pastor Dan Czaplewski
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