Sunday, 5 April 2020
Helping without Hurting

When people want to help, I always look for unintended consequences. In 2014 a documentary was produced called, Poverty, Inc.. It looked at relief efforts in the developing world and found that many good people with good intentions wind up hurting those they intend to help.

When this crisis really hit home and we were forced to move worship services to an online format, I believed that this could be the Church’s finest hour. The Christian Church was built for a time such as this and, as I look at Church history, I see Christians at their best in times of crisis.

We began talking with St. Joseph’s hospital a couple weeks ago. I had helped with a Salvation Army initiative to pass out bag lunches to medical workers as they left their shifts. I thought something similar would be something we could do at St. Joseph’s.

But then I became aware of the unintended consequences. The hospital is keeping their cafeteria open for staff. This in turn keeps their most vulnerable workers employed. Also, many other people have sent in food for the medical staff.

St. Joseph’s CEO is concerned for his vulnerable staff. Among them are the “unsung health care heroes” – the housekeeping staff. So, beginning on Wednesday, we will pass out “to go” bags for these workers as they leave their shifts at Noon and 5 pm. This will not disrupt the work of the cafeteria and will provide help to staff who can use it.

We will watch for unintended consequences as this goes along. We have some money in a special gift account for outreach to purchase what we need.

I’ll keep you posted.

In Christ,


Pastor Dan Czaplewski

Posted on 04/05/2020 3:50 PM by Pastor Daniel P. Czaplewski
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