What We Believe

Statement of Faith

Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We believe...

...the Triune God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Son, Jesus Christ, is true God and true man. The Holy Spirit desires to give faith to everyone through God's Word, the Bible.

... the entire Bible is God's verbally inspired revelation of Himself to man. The Bible is, therefore, without any error. Its central message is the saving work of Jesus Christ through his life, death and resurrection.

... God created humans righteous and holy. When humans fell into sin, as evidenced by their inability to keep the Ten Commandments, God sent His only and eternal Son, Jesus Christ, to bear the guilt and punishment of all human sin.

... Jesus shared our human nature but lived the only perfect life on earth. He suffered crucifixion in our place, resulting in His death. He rose again from the dead to bring victory over death and sin to all who trust in Him.

... through our Lord's Supper God delivers the body and blood of Christ in, with, and under the bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins.

... through baptism God creates and strengthens faith in Christ, promises the forgiveness of sins and new life in Him to be received by faith.

... because of Jesus' payment for our sins, full and free forgiveness is offered to everyone. Those who believe this, trusting in Jesus Christ as their Savior, can be sure they will join Him in Heaven when they die.