School Staff


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Principal, Ms. Carrie Miller (Send Ms. Miller a message)

Grade 8 Homeroom, Mrs. Stephanie Tonn (Send Mrs. Tonn a message)

Grade 7 Homeroom, Ms. Chrysteena Fay  (Send Ms. Fay a message)

Grade 6 Homeroom, Mr. Matt Hansen (Send Mr. Hansen a message)

Grade 5 Homeroom, Mr. Rich Wendt (Send Mr. Wendt a message)

Grade 4, Ms. Laura Mueller (Send Ms. Mueller a message)

Grade 3, Mrs. Sherry Williams (Send Mrs. Williams a message)

Grade 2, Ms. Katrina Schroeder (Send Ms. Schroeder a message)

Grade 1, Ms. Cheryl Crichlow (Send Ms. Crichlow a message)

Kindergarten (5-year-olds), Mrs. Cindy Wachs (Send Mrs. Wachs a message)

Kindergarten (4-year-olds), Ms. Michelle Greear (Send Ms. Greear a message)

Social Worker, Ms. Amy Nelson (Send Ms. Nelson a message)

Computers, Ms. Jendayi Mbalia (Send Ms. Mbalia a message)

Special Education, Mrs. Kim Gruber (Send Mrs. Gruber a message)

Hot Lunch/Extended Care, Mrs. Nancy Weber (Send Mrs. Weber a message)

School Secretary, Ms. Veronica Ademoye (Send Ms. Ademoye a message)

Worship 9:00 AM
Sunday Bible Class 10:15 AM
Sunday School 10:15 AM
2nd Thursday
Elders' Meeting 6:45 PM
4th Tuesday
Mission & Ministry Council Meets 6:30 PM